Mizani Fitness – Prenatal & Postnatal Program

Mizani Fitness offers a comprehensive Prenatal & Postnatal Program designed to keep mothers in shape during their pregnancy and assist in regaining their energy and fitness levels post pregnancy.

Prenatal bootybarre® – A high-energy, low impact class that incorporates Ballet, Pilates and Yoga designed to strengthen and tone your body safely during each trimester.

Postnatal bootybarre® – A fun, energetic class that incorporates Ballet, Pilates and Yoga designed to help you get your body back at the barre!

Prenatal and Postnatal bootybarre® Private Sessions – An individual session tailored to meet your goals and needs during and post pregnancy.

Mizani Fitness Welcomes Moms at the Barre!

Our “Moms at the Barre” sessions feature our Prenatal and Postnatal program to help you stay in shape during and after your pregnancy.  We encourage you to “bring your bump to the barre” during our prenatal sessions and “get your body back” at the barre during our postnatal sessions.

Mizani Fitness is proud to partner with Babies”R”Us and offer our “Moms at the Barre” Prenatal & Postnatal bootybarre® classes.

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Benefits of the Mizani Fitness Prenatal & Postnatal Program

  • Prepares for labor and delivery
  • Promotes strength, muscle tone and endurance
  • Improves sleep and emotional health
  • Prevents low back pain
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Decrease in overall weight gain
  • Promotes recovery from labor
  • Decrease in post-natal depression
  • Regain pre-pregnancy energy and fitness levels